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St. George and St. Mary Mother of God Church is open throughout the week, dependent on the needs of the community.

It is always open on Sundays from 9am.
If you wish to visit the address is
512 High Street, Epping 3076.

Parish Priest:
Rev. Fr. Kliment Stankovski
Ph: 0424 606 100

Macedonian Orthodox Church
"St. George and St. Mary Mother of God"


In October 1990 MOCMV purchased 512 High Street Epping the property located on the south boundary of the Community Centre at 514-516 High Street Epping for the purpose of building and establishing either a new Macedonian Orthodox Church or relocating its existing Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. George in Fitzroy.

By this stage many of the parishioners attending the (Macedonian Orthodox Church) MOC St. George in Fitzroy and other Macedonians were residing in the northern suburbs of greater Melbourne and were complaining about the distance they had to travel to get to the church. Consequently, MOCMV resolved that it must establish a church in that area.

MOCMV was compromised and effectively forced to relocate MOC of St. George in Fitzroy to Epping and the new church be known as “Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. George and St. Mary Mother of God.” On this basis the new Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. George and St. Mary Mother of God was built and Consecrated on 7th May 1995 by Bishop Stefan the current Archbishop of MOC-OA and Bishop Petar.

The Macedonian Cultural Centre (MCC), although completely ready for use it is still in the process of planning the daily operations of the Centre and is yet to be fully opened to the public.

The Centre will have a grand opening soon and after which point the Centre will function as planned. The Centre can be  found at 514 High Street, Epping 3076.


Macedonian Cultural Centre


MOCMV is looking forward to providing greater, better, and varied services to the Macedonian Community of Melbourne Victoria and the wider Australian Community and to this end has developed and constructed the Macedonian Cultural Centre at 514 High Street Epping consisting of:

  1. Library/Museum        

  2. Lecture theatre

  3. Boardroom and offices

  4. Youth radio Room 

  5. Commercial area comprising a Café/Restaurant or function rooms.

It is hoped that these facilities will be used to serve not only the Macedonian Community of Melbourne and Victoria but also the wider Australian multicultural community now and in the future.

Further MOCMV plans to 

  1. Developing Aged Care Facilities

  2. Child Care Facilities


In April 1978 MOCMV purchased vacant land at 514-516 High Street Epping and built the Macedonian Community Centre Epping and established the Macedonian Social Club with a Social Club Liquor Licence. MOCMV through its Social Centre provided social, cultural, and recreational activities for its members and the wider Macedonian Community in these facilities. The Community Centre become a focal point for the young generation of Australian Macedonians and their Australian friends. By the early 1990’s the wider Macedonian and Australian community was using it. Consequently, it became necessary for MOCMV to change or amend the Liquor Licence on the premises from a Members Club Liquor Licence to a Full Liquor Licence that would enable the public to enter the premiss. This was achieved in 1992. 


Nevertheless, over the years it also become increasingly evident that running and operating the Community Centre on voluntary bases had become a difficult and very onerous task. By the end of the 20th Century, it become evident that it was no longer viable or in the best interest of the MOCMV to operate the Centre on voluntary bases. After considering all the options available MOCMV reluctantly resolved to lease the premises and sell the business to the prospective tenant. Consequently, the Community Centre in Epping was leased in October 2004 and is currently operating as a Reception Centre and Restaurant known as “The Heritage Reception Centre".”.

Heritage Reception

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