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Currently, the MOCMV has a number of establishments under its care. Our forefathers and foremothers paved the way for us to have these accomplishments for the benefit and use of our community. Our epping grounds house, the Church St. George and St. Mary Mother of God cared for by Reverend Father Kliment Stankovski, the newly built Macedonian Cultural Centre and Heritage reception. The Cultural Centre comprises a library/museum room, lecture room, boardroom, offices and a commercial component. The Cultural Centre is the newest building the MOCMV own and was recently completed in 2022.


The Community also owns Macedonia Park, located in Kinglake West, which also has a living Monastery St. Kliment of Ohrid. The monastery is overlooked by Archimandrite Gavril Galev and his novices. The Grounds were purchased in February 1970 and comprises thirty five acres of land, a Church, sheds and living quarters. The Grounds host annual picnics of the MOCMV and are a popular destination with tourists.

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