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Memorial of
Goce Delcev

The memorial of our national Hero Goce Delćev was erected in 1988. Every year in front of the statue, the MOCMV holds a commemoration, both on the Death of Goce delćev and for the Illinden Uprising. the statue represents all of Macedonia's fallen but not forgotten hero's and is a pivotal monument for Macedonian's in Victoria.


The death of Goce delćev is commemorated Annually on the 4th of May, whereas the illinden uprising is commemorated annually on the 2nd of August. 

Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend and pay their respects to those who gave their lives so we can live our's today. The MOCMV's commemoration on the grounds start from 11am on the respective day of the commemoration and are a unique opportunity to come together as a community in solemn prayer and remembrance.



ANZAC Memorial

The MOCMV, wanting to honour the memories and sacrifice the ANZAC's built a memorial in their honour. Officially unveiled by the Mayor of Whittlesea Councillor Sam Alessi on 6th August 2000.

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance and is commemorated on the 25th April Annually. The MOCMV encourages all members of the wider community to attend the dawn services and pay their respects to all veterans, current serving members and fallen members of the Armed services. 

Being a community group, the MOCMV is used to serving and the spirit of the ANZACS resonate with the core of our values - service.

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